Going on a trip?

Scholars and employees should ALWAYS confirm that they have all documentation needed for successful travels both domestically and internationally:

Have you checked current travel requirements for your destination?

While ISSA advises on US immigration, it is the responsibility of the individual traveler to ensure they have appropriate visas and travel documents to enter other countries.

  • ISSA can NEVER guarantee that a traveler will be able to return to the United States once they have departed; any international travel carries some inherent risks and it is up to the officer at the U.S. port of entry to determine your admissibility. Review your rights as a non-citizen at the port of entry here.
  • For individuals traveling using Global Entry: If you have other valid US visas, please ensure that you confirm your intention to enter the US with your J-1/H-1B/TN/E-3/O-1 visa (you may need to do this manually).
  • Upload your I-94 record to ISSAlink after your arrival in the US. Each time that you enter the US, an I-94 record is created. This record is considered your lawful record of admission and it establishes your immigration status.
  • After each entry into the US, it is imperative that you check your I-94; specifically:
    • Check the Class of Admission and Admit Until Date. The Class of Admission must match your visa type
      • If you are a J-1, the Admit Until Date must say D/S. 
      • For H-1B, TN, E-3, and O-1 employees the Admit Until Date must match or exceed your I-797 Approval Notice end date. 
    • Download your I-94 from CBP here and upload it to the appropriate I-94 Upload form in ISSAlink.
  • It is your responsibility to check your I-94 and alert us of any issues; we review your I-94 to ensure that there are no status issues that will disrupt your program/employment at the university. Failure to apply for an extension of stay or to depart the US by the end date noted on your I-94 record could result in unlawful presence in the US.

Apply for an H-1B Visa Stamp

Information can be found here.

Apply for a J-1 Visa Stamp

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