J-1 Exchange Visitor Scholar

The Department of State's Exchange Visitor Program allows for the exchange of research scholars and professors from around the world, and the University is pleased to host nearly 300 Exchange Visitors every year. The majority of Notre Dame's Exchange Visitors visit as scholars and contribute to the rich teaching and research communities at Notre Dame.  

Notre Dame is authorized to sponsor the following J-1 Exchange Visitor categories:

  • Professors (3 weeks to 5 years)
  • Research Scholars (3 weeks to 5 years)
  • Short-Term Scholars (1 day to 6 months)

Please see Additional Notes for J-1 Exchange Visitors below for information about New or Repeat Program Restrictions (Bars) and the Two Year Home Residency Requirement 212(e)

Departments can find information about supporting J-1 Scholars and initiating requests here

Responsibilities of Scholars

Maintain Valid Documents

Information can be found here.

Report U.S. Address Changes

Information can be found here.

File Annual Taxes By April 15

Information can be found here.

Maintain Valid Health Insurance

Information can be found here.

Request Off Campus Work Authorization

In general, J-1 scholars are prohibited from accepting employment outside of the Notre Dame department that hosts them. However, the regulations include an exception for “occasional lectures and short-term consultations”. More information about eligibility and the process for authorizing off campus activities can be found here.  

Follow Remote Work Policy

As of June 2023, Department of State policy requires that the majority of a J-1 Exchange Visitor's program participation be IN PERSON at the primary site of activity (i.e. Notre Dame). Regardless of a department or division's remote work policy, J-1 Research Scholars, Professors, and Short-term Scholars may work remotely no more than 40% of their schedule per week (i.e. 2 days a week). 

If your research program will require you to spend some time outside of the US before returning to Notre Dame, it may be possible to keep your J-1 record active during your absence. Please contact ISSA to discuss your situation.

Notify ISSA of Departure/Transfer

Scholars must notify ISSA of their departure (and the permanent departure of any dependents) or transfer to another institution via the J-1 Scholar or Dependent Departure Form on ISSAlink

PLEASE NOTE: If you are in either the J-1 Research Scholar or Professor category, having an accurate program end date on your Form DS-2019 is important. Please make sure to fill out the departure form. The 24 month bar (see below) will begin on your departure date, which is important to note if you intend to come back to the United States as a J-1 Research Scholar or Professor.

Additional Notes for J-1 Exchange Visitors

Two Year Home Residency Requirement 212(E)

Information can be found here.


The U.S. government has restrictions (called “bars”) on J-1s who want to re-enter the country as J-1 professors or research scholars.

12-month bar for individuals in J status:
An individual who was in the United States in J status for more than six months in the previous year may not enter the United States as a J-1 professor or research scholar for 12 months after the end of his or her most recent J program. However, they may return to the United States in a different visa or another J-1 category.

Time as a J-1 short-term scholar does not count toward the 12-month bar.

24-month bar for J-1 professors and research scholars
If you come to the United States as a J-1 professor or research scholar or as a J-2 dependent of a professor or research scholar, your J program may be extended for up to five years. After your program ends, you are ineligible to begin a new professor or research scholar program at any U.S. institution for 24 months. This is known as the 24-month bar, and it is different from the two-year home residency requirement described below.

Obtaining a Social Security Number (SSN)

Information can be found here.

Driving in the U.S.

Information can be found here.

J-2 DEPENDENT Resources

For information about resources for your J-2 dependent spouse, please see our pages for J-2 Dependents and Resources for International Spouses.


If you will leave the U.S. during your program and plan to reenter before the end of your program, make sure that you (and any J-2 dependents) have a valid travel signature on your DS-2019, a valid passport, and a valid visa. You may obtain a new travel signature by visiting ISSA in 105 Main Building. If you will be traveling somewhere other than your home country, make sure you consult the country of destinations' website to be sure you understand the visa and entry requirements.

Visa Renewal

If your visa stamp is expired and you plan to exit the U.S. and re-enter with your DS-2019 to continue your J-1 program, you will need to apply for a new visa stamp. To apply for a second or subsequent visa stamp (renewal), see our Apply for J-1 Visa Stamp page, and make sure that you have a valid travel signature on your DS-2019 before leaving.

Note: The visa stamp may expire after an individual has been admitted to the U.S. A visa stamp is only required when an individual seeks admission to the U.S. at a port of entry.

Inviting Visitors

Friends and relatives who do not qualify as dependents can apply for a tourist visa if they wish to visit you in the U.S. No documentation from ISSA is necessary.