ISSAlink is the student and scholar immigration information portal for Notre Dame sponsored F-1 and J-1 international students, as well as Notre Dame sponsored J-1 Scholars. Departments, institutes, and centers also utilize ISSAlink to initiate document requests for J-1 Scholars.

Go to to:

a new or updated I-20 an updated passport
a Social Security letter study or research abroad
CPT authorization (F-1) health insurance coverage (J-1)
Academic Training authorization (J-1) student or dependent departure (J-1)
transfer out SEVIS record new or updated OPT employment
F-2 or J-2 dependent I-20 STEM validation and training updates
OPT or STEM OPT Authorization (F-1)  

Accessing ISSAlink after Graduation

Once you have graduated from Notre Dame, you will need to access the ISSAlink reporting and request forms by typing in the browser and accessing the site through the Log in for Notre Dame Graduates. 

The log in section is on the bottom of the page and looks like this: 

Log in for ND Alumni

This log in does not require the Okta sign in, but you will need your ND ID number, your birth date, and the ISSAlink pin; the pin was provided in the OPT Application confirmation email or you can request it again on the site as seen here: 

Login Limited Services ISSAlink


If you are still not successful after following these instructions, please email us at