Students Living In Us

Life in the U.S.

There are endless opportunities to engage and build a life in the Notre Dame community, where so many are invested in the successful establishment and integration of our international students and their families.

This section highlights information and resources for students navigating Life in the U.S. (and in the Notre Dame area) for the first time or in a new way. It includes information about: 

Getting Settled

In addition to these sections, there are other considerations for getting settled, navigating day to day life, and building a strong community, like: 

For other housing and community resources, you can start at, where you’ll find information for where to go, where to live and what to do in the Notre Dame community.

Things to do in the Notre Dame community and beyond

There are many resources for discovering off-campus events and programs around Notre Dame.  

Visit South Bend highlights a variety of community events across the region. The local newspaper, the South Bend Tribune, collects information about events on their site, In the Bend. You will find a variety of events on DTSB’s site, which is rich with summer activities. And if you’re ready to explore beyond Notre Dame and South Bend, there are fantastic events to find in Indiana (and here), Michigan and Chicago (Illinois).