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When you accept admission to Notre Dame, you immediately become a part of the Notre Dame family. At Notre Dame International, our job is to help make the Dome feel like home.

Even before you arrive on campus, our International Student and Scholar Affairs (ISSA) team is preparing to ensure you, our international students, scholars, and faculty, can transition to life at Notre Dame seamlessly. The ISSA team can help navigate procedures with the Department of Homeland Security, manage timelines on visa and immigration papers, provide a comprehensive orientation to the university, and connect you with any necessary resources.

Once you reach campus, ISSA connects international undergraduates, graduate students, spouses, visitors, and Americans who can learn from and befriend one another. ISSA-sponsored cultural events like Global Café provide opportunities for students and area residents to engage with other cultures, while trips and service projects reveal the breadth of society here.

Our hope is that each international scholar leaves campus with a wealth of connections, a better understanding of American culture, an appreciation for Notre Dame’s values of scholarship, service, and solidarity, and the knowledge and pride that they have educated their fellow students about their home countries, as they make our collective home at the University a richer place.

International students, scholars receive free tax assistance through collaborative program

The Tax Assistance Program is free and supports the reporting and compliance needs of international students, researchers, visiting scholars, and visiting faculty.

An international student’s perspective: Tackling my first American football season

Nicole Lee is a Greater China Scholar and part of the class of 2022. She reflects on her time on campus and experiencing her first American football season.

The four greatest life lessons that Notre Dame taught me: An iLED student's perspective

Ruth Di Rada is a fifteen-year-old from Brazil. While on campus, she participated in the iLED summer program, focused on international leadership.

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Marwa Asem

Integrated biomedical sciences, Ovarian cancer research, PhDEgypt

“Receiving the Notre Dame acceptance letter was one of the happiest moments in my life,” says Asem. “Notre Dame has a very impressive reputation. Not only on the academic and research level, but also the family spirit and the values that Notre Dame implants in the students.”

Asem says that she was advised by American friends in Egypt that life in the U.S. would be much different. While she was surprised how helpful Americans have been, she agrees that there are extra stressors for international students. “International students face many challenges like being away from home and family, speaking a different language all the time, exposure to different cultures, and trying to merge into the new society,” she says. But she asserts that Notre Dame provided valuable resources, mentors, advisers, and classmates to make the transition smooth. In time, the challenge paid off. “I became more self-confident, open-minded and accepting of different people. I also got the chance to share my culture and immerse myself in new and different cultures.”


CJ (Caleb) Pine

Arabic, Peace studies, undergraduateChina

International Ambassador 2014-2017

“When I was a freshman, the International Ambassadors made me feel welcome at Notre Dame and gave me a vision of what my four years could look like. I wanted to be able to pass on the torch to others by becoming an IA.

“Through the experience, I have not only felt a deeper connection to the international community on campus but I have also developed my teamwork, mentoring, and organizing skills.”

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Pedro Navarro

Chemical engineering, undergraduateBrazil

Pedro Navarro was introduced to Notre Dame by a group of alumni who came to his high school to discuss opportunities for summer and undergraduate programs. When he was admitted to the iLED program, he boarded his first plane to begin the program.

“iLED was really a dream during those two weeks. The University was more stunning than anything I had ever seen. The community, faculty, and all students were extremely friendly

and welcoming. I had the chance to take classes such as engineering and business—I would have never known I’d have that much fun with the latter—and many other classes including architecture, where we got to visit incredible Chicago. The leadership workshops were really inspiring and thoughtful, and somehow motivated me to come back to Brazil willing to start a project of impact here and, especially, study at Notre Dame in the future.”

Pedro is now a chemical engineering student at Notre Dame. He intends to return to Brazil after graduation to work with energy, fuels, and technology. Since his iLED experience, several students from his high school have followed and also intend to apply to Notre Dame.

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