In 1850, Notre Dame’s first international student arrived on campus, and since then nearly 40,000 have followed.

The value international students and scholars bring to Notre Dame's campus is immeasurable, but we know that leaving your home to study afar is not without complications.

We at International Student and Scholar Affairs (ISSA), along with our colleagues at Notre Dame Global, are here to help alleviate and navigate those challenges.

Whether you require assistance with visa paperwork, or have questions about housing, or want to meet other students with similar backgrounds, we are here to serve you.

The global family

The international students who have enriched Notre Dame's campus since its founding have voyaged from around the world. Here's where they have called home:

North America: 3,083, Latin America: 9,586; Europe: 5,013; Africa: 1,294; Middle East: 966; Asia: 16,695