Instructions For Depts

Department Instructions

We are so pleased you are preparing to bring an Exchange Visitor to the University of Notre Dame and have provided instructions below for requesting initial DS-2019's for new scholars, requesting program extensions for current scholars, and notifying ISSA of program date changes, late arrivals, and early terminations. 

If you have not yet set up an ISSAlink account, contact us at Once you have received ISSA approval, you will complete the “Request Departmental Access Form" at ISSAlink. You will receive an email from ISSA confirming your access is approved, and then you will log-in to ISSAlink under the "Administrative Services for Departments Sponsoring J-1 Scholars" link using your NetID and password. 

Welcome to ISSAlink!

ISSAlink is how you and the scholar will continue to manage the scholar's J-1 Exchange Visitor record with Notre Dame. Use it to set up a new appointment and inform ISSA of any changes to the scholar's appointment, including late arrivals and program extensions.

New Scholar Appointments


Determine if this appointment will go through The Office for Postdoctoral Affairs or The Office of the Provost. All faculty appointments go through the Provost; all postdoc and non-faculty appointments go through the Postdoc office. If your scholar does not seem to fit these categories, please call Human Resources for assistance. 

For appointments through The Office of the Provost, contact them for instructions on meeting the following requirements:

  • a completed background check through the Office of the Provost
  • a record of hire in Banner and an assigned NDid number, which will be confirmed by the Office of the Provost in an email to the appropriate Dean’s Office

For appointments through the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs, submit the following documentation to Diana Dickson in the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs (

  • Scholar’s CV/resume in English
  • Scholar’s home address (if not on CV/resume)
  • Copy of scholar’s passport
  • Request for Appointment Form (

In order to begin the J-1 Application for a New Exchange Visitor, an NDid number is required for the J-1 Scholar. To have an NDid number, all requirements listed in Steps 1 & 2 must be met. The appropriate office will provide the NDid number when the appointment process is completed. The Banner record and NDid may not be accessible in ISSAlink until the day after the NDid is assigned, but if it is not available within 24 hours, call ISSA for assistance.  

Special Note regarding Hire Dates: J-1 visa regulations require scholars and their dependents to carry health insurance for the duration of their program. If your scholar will receive university benefits, please consider the following:

  • If the hire date is the 1st of a month, benefits are effective on the day of hire.
  • If the hire date is after the 1st of a month, the scholar will be required to pay full insurance premiums until the 1st of the following month. Alternately, the scholar may purchase a short policy from another insurer to bridge the gap until university benefits begin.

Complete and submit the Immigration Request Form to the General Counsel's office. If it is determined that a J-1 visa is appropriate, departments will work with ISSA and either the Provost's or the Postdoc's office to follow the steps below. Please wait for determination from General Counsel before moving to the next step.


Complete the Confirmation for J-1 Exchange Visitor’s English Proficiency (fillable) form.

Federal visa regulations (Federal Regulations section 22 § 62.10 (a)(2)) require that an assessment of the Exchange Visitor’s English language proficiency be obtained by the program sponsor (University of Notre Dame) to confirm that the J-1 Exchange Visitor possesses “sufficient proficiency in the English language, as determined by an objective measure of English language proficiency, to successfully participate in his or her program and to function on a day-to-day basis.”

This requirement can be met in one of three ways: 1) By interview; 2) With a TOEFL or other recognized English test; or 3) By written verification from an English instructor/program.

Language Test or Interview Exceptions:

  • Native English speakers from countries where English is the only official language
  • Non-native English speakers who have received at least 80% of instruction in English at an institution in home country or abroad
  • Non-native English speakers who have completed two consecutive years of full-time high school or university study in the U.S. or other country where English is the only official language
  • Non-native English speakers who have a minimum of one year of full-time employment in the U.S. or other country where English is the only official language

Once completed, this form must be uploaded to the Department Information section of the Exchange Visitor’s application on, as noted in Step 4.


You are now ready to request the DS-2019. Go to ISSAlink to provide access to the J-1 Applicant Information form to the scholar and complete the Department Information form. Screenshot instructions can be found here

To complete Step 4, you will need digital copies (only PDF, JPG, BMP, or PNG formats accepted) of the signed appointment letter to upload for the Department Information form.  

*If this is an appointment through the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, Diana Dickson will have to approve and will upload the signed appointment letter.

You will need to inform the scholar that she or he will need digital copies (only PDF, JPG, BMP, or PNG formats accepted) of the following documents to upload for the J-1 Applicant Information form:

  • scholar’s ID page in passport
  • all dependents’ (spouse and children under 21) ID pages in passports
  • proof of funding if ND is not paying the scholar (funding requirements and acceptable types of funding can be found here)
  • any previous DS-2019’s, especially if the scholar is transferring from another program or school

If you need assistance, contact us at or 1-5243.


Once both ISSAlink application forms have been completed and submitted, ISSA will confirm receipt and process the Form DS-2019 within five working days.


Pick up DS-2019 Packet. The DS-2019 packet will include the Form DS-2019, a cover letter with instructions on how to obtain the visa and enter the country, information about health insurance requirements for an Exchange Visitor, and a Welcome Brochure from the Department of State. When the DS-2019 packet is ready, we will send you an email, letting you know the packet can be picked up at the Notre Dame International reception desk in 105 Main Building. *Federal regulations prohibit the distribution of DS-2019's via email; you can email the scholar their SEVIS number (NXXXXXXXX) and the Notre Dame program number, as indicated on the DS-2019.


Express mail documents. You are responsible for express mailing the documents to the scholar. Be sure to keep a record of the tracking number.

Program Extensions (Reappointments) and Changes

Go to ISSAlink to complete the Scholar Program Extension or Change form, which can be found on the left under Departmental Services. In order to complete the Program Extension or Change form, you must have digital copies (only PDF, JPG, BMP, or PNG formats accepted) of the following documents to upload:   

  • Upload a copy of the reappointment letter
  • Upload proof of funding, if ND is not paying the scholar 

ISSA will confirm receipt of these documents and process the Form DS-2019 within five working days. When the DS-2019 packet is ready, ISSA will send an email to the department contact who completed the Program Extension Request, letting him or her know it is ready to be picked up at Notre Dame International in 105 Main Building.

Late Arrivals or Early Terminations

Go to ISSAlink to complete the Scholar Late Arrival or Scholar Early Termination form. 

Department Responsibilities:

  • Contact the Office of the Provost or Office of Postdoctoral Affairs to complete the appointment process.
  • Verify the scholar has the necessary background and sufficient English language skills for the activities they will be performing on campus prior to the scholar's arrival.
  • Provide access to the scholar to ISSAlink’s J-1 Applicant Information form.
  • Complete the ISSAlink Department Information form.
  • Pick up and express mail the DS-2019 packet to scholar.
  • Organize logistics regarding the arrival of the scholar, arranging housing and providing other information as necessary. 
  • Confirm the scholar attended a Scholar Welcome Session and completed J-1 validation.
  • Report scholar updates, including extension requests, changed program dates, late arrivals, and early terminations in a timely fashion. Updates can be reported via ISSAlink and email