F-1 and J-1 Students

We appreciate the many ways academic units support students in initiating and maintaining their immigration status. 

Academic Approver Recommendation Procedures

All Academic Approver Recommendation forms are submitted to ISSA using ISSAlinkOnce a student has completed a request form, the academic approver will receive an email from issa@nd.edu with instructions on how to complete a recommendation. If you need assistance, please email issa@nd.edu.

ISSAlink Services that Require an Academic Approver's Confirmation
  • Program Extensions
  • Reduced Course Load Requests                                    
  • Optional Practical Training
  • Curricular Practical Training                         
  • Academic Training (J-1 only)

Generally, the academic approver is confirming a student's eligibility for a benefit (like work authorization) or confirming the academic reason that a program extension or RCL is necessary. 

If there is a specific individual within your department or program that should be assigned as the academic approver, please contact us at issa@nd.edu