Scholars and Employees

There are various types of scholars and employees at the university who teach, conduct research, consult, or engage in specialty occupations. Those types include:

Issa Resource Guide 01
ND Sponsored Petitions ND Sponsored J-1 Scholars Self Petitioned
H-1B Research Scholar F-1 OPT
O-1 Professor F-1 STEM OPT
TN Status Short-term Scholar J-1 Academic Training
E-3 Non-Degree Student (Research) B1/B2 & ESTA
Permanent Residency    

The information below is specifically for academic units, providing an overview of the visa types, processing instruction, unit responsibilities, and fees. For an overview of Notre Dame sponsored work authorization and J-1 Scholar visa type, review this Visa Types chart.

Department Responsibilities

It's important to note that both appointments and reappointments follow a similar workflow for establishing the appointment and submitting the appropriate immigration documentation. 

Submit Immigration Request Form

The first step for all visa processing is to complete the Immigration Request Form (IRF). Once ISSA has received and reviewed all required information and documentation, ISSA will email the department with the recommended visa type. If the department decides to proceed with the recommended visa type, they will proceed with the hiring packet process and submit the appointment letter to ISSA via email (H-1B, O-1) or ISSAlink (J-1). At that point, ISSA will provide instructions on next steps.

Submit requests and documentation for Notre Dame sponsored faculty, researchers, and employees to ISSA

Academic units play an essential role in ensuring accurate and timely submission of immigration documents, whether that is compiling the hiring packet, gathering the necessary documentation and sharing with ISSA, or tracking the progress of scholars to campus.

Manage invitation and appointment letter process

Most scholars and employees will need an invitation letter (B-1/WB visa) or appointment letter (all other categories) in order to conduct business on Notre Dame's campus. It is the academic unit's responsibility to work with the appropriate office to issue the necessary documentation. 

Manage Onboarding and Arrival

Our international scholars are arriving from around the U.S. and the world, and the quality of their experience at Notre Dame is strongly impacted by the ease of their first few weeks in navigating campus and completing the required employment and immigration reporting responsibilities. Reach out to ISSA if a scholar’s start date and arrival to campus change from the original request.

Report Employee/Scholar Departure

The academic unit must submit the Departure Form when an employee in H-1B, TN, or O-1 status is terminated, resigns or transfers departments; they will complete the “Early Termination Form” in ISSAlink for J-1 Scholars. We ask that the forms are completed no later than 10 days before the departure. Please note, for employees in H-1B status, If the department ends the employment, the employer MUST immediately offer the cost of the reasonable return airfare to the employee’s country of last residence.


The academic unit is responsible for all legal, filing, and miscellaneous fees associated with employment based petitions. A review of Immigration Petition Fees by Visa type can be found here.