How Notre Dame taught a scholar from India to smile

It was a picturesque morning in September following mass at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart when Pooja Ranade first realized that she was smiling. “It wasn’t a natural thing for me,” reflects Ranade.…

Holi festival 2019: Blending culture with color

More than 200 students showed up in white shirts to participate in the Holi festival More than 500 pounds of vibrant color was thrown into the air as part of an ancient Indian spring festival. While students…
Raphael Ng Etich

LL.M. Spotlight: Raphael Ng’etich

Raphael Ng’etich of Kenya has known that he wanted to study and teach law since he was in high school. As a law student at Strathmore University…
Yue Yu 2

LL.M. Spotlight: Yue Yu

After working for three years as a senior associate in the merger and acquisition transaction services department for Deloitte Financial Advisory in China, Yue Yu decided it was time for a career change. She wanted to go…
Ndinternational Welcoming 1200x800

Notre Dame, international since the beginning

Since its inception, the University of Notre Dame has been a global school.  It was founded by a French priest and brothers in 1842 with money raised in Europe, and as soon as 1850 was enrolling international students.  In the decades that followed, more than 100 students would come…
Fight Song

A letter of thanks to Ireland

Khaoula Morchid is a Notre Dame alum (17’) and a former Naughton Fellow (18’) who completed her masters in Transport, Engineering, Policy and Planning at Trinty College…
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Why not him? Pedro Navarro's story

Navarro and his mother From a young age, the importance of education was impressed upon Pedro Navarro, a junior chemical engineering student from Brazil. His mother is a Portuguese teacher and…
India 2

Notre Dame community in India celebrated with special event

The Mumbai Global Center event was held to celebrate the Notre Dame community in India and welcome newly admitted students. The event is in its third year and helps showcase the growth of Notre Dame’s undergraduate and high school engagements in India.