Departure Planning

Whether you are departing the United States after graduation or will be away from the University for a semester, please consider some of the following suggestions for organizing your documents and possessions.

Immigration Documents

As an F-1 or J-1 visa holder, it is your responsibility to organize your immigration documents and submit requests to ISSA well in advance of your travel date. ISSA will send out reminders at the end of each semester reminding students fo what will be required to depart and re-enter the U.S. Consult ISSA with any questions. 

Housing and Household Goods


Review Residential Life procedures and policies for preparing your room for departure.


Notify your landlord in writing of your departure date. If you have paid a security deposit, discuss with your landlord the condition in which the apartment must be left in order to secure the full return of your deposit. Make clear arrangements as to when and how the deposit will be returned.

Notify all utility companies—telephone, gas, electric—of your departure date and arrange for final payment of any bills and refund of any deposit.

Donate reusable items such as clothing, furniture, appliances, and dishes to charitable causes or retail shops.

Arrange to ship your personal items. Check with your particular air carrier regarding the maximum weight allowed for luggage

Documents, Mail Forwarding, Settling Accounts 

  • Leave a forwarding address with the Registrar's Office and the Post Office. Provide an address to companies from which you expect a bill.
  • Settle your University account.
  • Return all library materials and other borrowed items.
  • Obtain official copies of your transcript, diploma, and other important documents such as medical, dental, and children’s school records.
  • Close your bank account in writing rather than allowing the balance to drop to zero.

Your Car

Arrange for the sale or transfer of your vehicle by consulting the Bureau of Motor Vehicles' website. Do not leave your old license plates on any car you sell!

Expiration Dates for University Accounts

Students who graduate may expect to access InsideND and ND email accounts up to 60 days after graduation. After that time, in order to continue receiving email through an ND account, students must apply for an alumni account through myNotreDame. You can also search for and join domestic and international alumni clubs through myNotreDame.

The ND student IDs usually expire about two weeks after the graduation date (see your individual card for the expiration date). After that time, you will no longer be able to enter RecSports facilities, check out library books or otherwise use your student privileges.

F-1 students participating in Optional Practical Training will NOT retain access to their ND email accounts throughout their employment authorization period. ISSA will send periodic important reminders through the non-ND email account that is submitted with your OPT application.