Important Considerations for Return Travel to the United States

Before Booking Your Return Flight

  • Be mindful of the risk of a renewed outbreak of COVID-19 and subsequent enforcement of movement restrictions preventing you from departing/returning.
  • Consider your capacity to abide by all official directives in your country of origin, all countries in transit and destination country - whether current or likely to be implemented should the situation escalate.
  • Confirm the availability of flights from your country of origin to the United States.
  • Consult (and frequently re-check as information may change) the IATA Travel Center COVID -19 Travel Regulations leading up to your departure for updated country-specific information on quarantine measures in place or transportation status.
  • Check the validity of current visas or permits you are holding in light of the latest entry restriction for all countries on your itinerary, including any stopovers.

Booking Your Return Flight

  • Plan flexible itineraries taking into account any residual travel restrictions. Account for additional time required for likely health and temperature screening at airports and other transport hubs.
  • You are best served by booking non-stop flights (if available) to avoid stopovers and other in-transit complications related to COVID-19 and general travel delays.
  • If non-stop flights are not available:
    • Avoid flight connections in countries that the U.S. government has prohibited from direct entry to the U.S. and other countries identified as high risk for COVID-19 infections, as it is possible for other countries to be added to the U.S. government prohibited direct entry list in the coming weeks prior to your return.
    • Confirm you are able to transit a country based on the country’s COVID-19 restrictions. Be mindful of any quarantine and isolation procedures being implemented at point of departure, in-transit during stopovers and at your destination. Ensure you have any required paperwork, test results, transit visas, etc.

If you are having difficulty finding return flights back to the U.S., you are welcome to work with Anthony Travel, the full travel service agency located on campus.  

Leading Up To Departure

  • Closely monitor for any changes to travel and border restrictions in your country of origin, transit countries and destination country.
  • Reconfirm flights prior to departure with the service provider or your travel agent.

Health Advice

  • Do not travel if you are sick; travelers who are sick risk of being tested and quarantined. Monitor your health. Seek medical attention if you develop flu-like symptoms, following the local procedure for your location.
  • Pay strict attention to hygiene: wash your hands frequently. Carry hand sanitizer for use when soap and water are not readily available. Avoid touching your face. Cover coughs and sneezes. Avoid sharing food, drinks and personal items.
  • Wear a mask throughout your trip.
  • Remember to pack items you may want during your trip, such as gloves, sanitizing wipes or extra masks.
  • Avoid crowded places. In public areas, as much as possible, keep three to six feet (1-2 meters) away from others.