On Campus Employment

On-Campus Employment

An F-1 student is permitted to work part-time on the campus of the institution that issued the student’s current I-20. Notre Dame students who maintain lawful immigration status are permitted to engage in employment on campus for up to 20 total hours per week while school is in session — during the fall and spring semesters. The 20-hour limit applies to the total of all employment.

No prior written approval from ISSA is required for an F-1 student to engage in on-campus employment if the student is still working toward the educational objective indicated on the student’s I-20 and has otherwise maintained his or her status.

On-campus employment includes teaching, research, and graduate assistantships, as well as employment conducted in other offices at Notre Dame where a stipend or paycheck will be issued by the University. Outside companies that issue their own paychecks and do not have a contractual agreement with the University are not considered on-campus employers and F-1 students are not permitted to work for such employers. Some examples of employers that are not currently permitted for F-1 students include the Notre Dame Bookstore, Innovation Park, the Observer and FedEx. If you will be employed at the IDEA Center, please contact ISSA to confirm the employment is considered on campus.

      *Important note for graduate students: the work performed as a research assistant is not only part of a larger research program, but also supports the student's dissertation research or preparation for that research, and is in satisfaction of the degree requirement. For this reason, the commitment to research assistantship duties of a student is considered 18 hours per week, but  the research is expected to be more significant as it is integral to the student's dissertation and preparation for the dissertation.  

On-campus job openings are posted on the Student Employment Office website. Any Notre Dame F-1 student considering employment on campus outside of a Notre Dame administrative office must consult with ISSA to ensure that they have proper authorization prior to beginning employment.

If you plan to work on campus, please visit the Payroll Office in 724 Grace Hall or email payroll@nd.edu for assistance completing any necessary forms or questions regarding your tax withholdings, tax treaties, etc. Please note, you will not be extended any tax treaty privileges until you have been issued your Social Security Number and fill out the appropriate forms.

Conditions and Limitations for F-1 On-Campus Employment: 
  • Working on campus for more than 20 hours per week total while school is in session is a serious violation of the F-1 status, which can affect your ability to remain in the United States. 
  • Full-time on-campus employment (more than 20 hours per week) is only permitted during annual vacations.
  • The 20-hour per week limit applies to the total of all on-campus employment if more than one job is held. 
  • New F-1 students who have just arrived in the U.S. are not permitted to begin any on-campus employment more than 30 days prior to the program start date listed on the I-20. 
  • Students who have graduated or completed all degree requirements and wish to work on campus must be authorized for Optional Practical Training (OPT) and have a valid Employment Authorization Document (EAD Card) from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).