Extended Orientation

After International Student Orientation, our international students continue to experience new traditions and manage different expectations in the classroom, the lab and the residence halls. Throughout the fall, ISSA provides opportunities to learn about and make sense of the Notre Dame experience through workshops and small group dinners. 

Football 101

Notre Dame football is a significant aspect of Notre Dame culture, and we're here to help you make sense of the game and student participation. Undergraduate and graduate students welcome. Sign-up information in the August ISSA newsletter.  

Understanding Catholicism and Faith

We are grateful to our partners at Campus Ministry who work to promote the spiritual development of all students, regardless of faith experience, but also understand that students may be more comfortable within the community if they better understand Notre Dame's Catholic identity and its features. Join Campus Ministry for their Understanding Catholicism series each fall, beginning Thursday, August 16.

Understanding Catholicism: An Introduction to the Catholic Mass

This session will unpack the central worship experience for Catholic Christians, the Holy Mass, and is open to students and scholars of all faith traditions (or none at all).  Participants will learn about the history and origins of the Mass, discuss its various parts, hear about the ways Catholics encounter Jesus Christ in the Mass, and receive suggestions on how to participate in the Mass even if not a Catholic Christian.  Refreshments will be served beforehand. Participants in this Friday session will also have the option of attending Mass together at the Basilica the following Sunday.

Understanding American Academic Culture

Join other international graduate students and our panel to talk about what has been surprising about academic culture in the U.S. and at Notre Dame and share strategies for success. Dinner provided. Sign up information to be announced in the October ISSA newsletter.

Understanding Cultural Adjustment

Join other international students and our Dr. Weiyang Xie, from the University Counseling Center, in talking about adjusting to U.S. and Notre Dame culture. Sign up information to be announced in the October ISSA newsletter.

Monthly Dinners

First year undergraduate students are invited to dinner with Notre Dame International administration to share about their experiences and connect with other international students. Additional opportunities will be supported for international graduate student dinners with short presentations from campus partners.

Dinner with International Ambassadors

In October, first year graduate and undergraduate students will be invited to dinner with their International Ambassador groups as an opportunity to reconnect and share about their first few months at Notre Dame. Students can share concerns and resources with one another.