Scholars Living In Us

Living in the U.S.

There are endless opportunities to engage and build a life in the Notre Dame community, where so many are invested in the successful establishment and integration of our international scholars and their families. There are "getting settled" considerations for day to day life, like how to get a license, set up a social security numberaccess the bus system, or file tax forms, as well as questions about how to build a foundation and community, like where to find a place of worship

Scholars with families may want to know how to find a school for their children, how to access the engaging resources of the St. Joseph County Public Library, or how to participate in activities available through the South Bend Parks, Venues and Arts department

Office of Public Affairs and Communications hosts, a resource for where to go, where to live and what to do in the Notre Dame community. Off-campus housing resources can be found here.  Additional resources listed in the navigation are intended to help international scholars and their dependents effectively manage their resources and grow during their time in the United States.

Additional information about employment and resources at Notre Dame can be found below.