Seungyeon (Sandy) Nam

Majors: Chemistry and Computing
Clubs / Extracurricular Activities: Rohr's Lab, ND Martial Arts Club, The Point ND (Knitting) Club, ISSA, OIT Office (Student Worker)

Hi! My name is Sandy, and I'm from Seoul, South Korea. I am currently a rising sophomore (Class of 2024) living in Lewis Hall! I am currently a Chemistry with Computing major (yes, it is a REAL major) in the College of Science and am considering to take a minor in 'Compassionate Care in Medicine'. That being said, I hope to enroll in a medical school or work in a health related/ medical fields after graduation. I am currently helping out at the Rohr's Lab as a volunteer and involved in the ND Martial Arts Club. Apart from academics, my interests are mainly on food! I love eating good food with the people around me and also cooking food with them. I also like to bake; I have started to bake as a 'Corona hobby' and fell in love with it ever since! So please feel free to reach out to me whenever you want to eat good food, cook food, or even shop for groceries (I really just like spending time at supermarkets and stores).

Favorite ND Moment

Eating FREE food from food trucks on Friday nights with my friends and watching Netflix and hanging out with my five other roommates over weekends (six chicks!).

Advice for Incoming International Students

Please feel free to reach out to anyone (including me!). I am pretty sure that any problems or concerns you are going through will definitely be a struggle others have experienced (or are currently going through).