Hello! My name is Munyen Loi, and I’m a rising sophomore majoring in Finance and Economics. I grew up in Singapore but traveled to the United States often with my family so knew the significant cultural differences before attending Notre Dame and learned how to adapt to it. Outside of class, I’m involved in a plethora of business clubs on campus and am also part of the Notre Dame Men’s Boxing club. Being at Notre Dame, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with people of different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds be it through the tight-knit dorm culture or even through classes and clubs. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many bright and driven individuals through the Student International Business Council and Unleashed Social Ventures which I highly encourage you to join even if you are not a business major. Outside the typical school activities, I love spending time with my friends either playing football on the quad, or arranging weekend activities in the dorms. Besides that, I look forward to exploring the different states around America during short breaks like Fall and Spring break and of course seeing my family and friends back home in Singapore over the longer breaks like Winter and Summer.