Kenzie Phillips

Majors: Political Science, Entrepreneurship, and Global Affairs (Supplemental)
Clubs / Extracurricular Activities: NDMUN, TROOPND, ND Listens, AAA, Chinese Scholars

Hey! My name is Kenzie Phillips I am Chinese-American but I grew up my whole life in Tokyo, Japan. I am a rising sophomore studying Political Science and Entrepreneurship, and I currently live in Howard Hall (Go Ducks!) On campus I compete for the ND Model United Nations Team, dance on TROOPND, and work at ND Listens. In my free time, I love to browse the spectacular artworks at the Snite Museum, cheer on my friends at their athletic competitions, and explore the beautiful city of South Bend. Notre Dame is flourishing with opportunities, so I encourage you to keep an open mind and interact with as many people as possible. My first year at Notre Dame was absolutely magical and I can't wait to make more memories. I am excited to meet you and assist in any way with your transition into the Notre Dame family.

Favorite ND Moment

At the start of the year, I was very sad to be missing the Azabu-Juban Noryo Festival. Ever since I was little, right at the end of summer my friends and I would all go and celebrate at the festival. My ND friends noticed I was a little more down than usual, so they wanted to try and recreate the feeling for me. So I spent all day teaching them how to cook various foods that I would typically eat at the festival and at the end we had a huge feast. They were so interested to know more about my culture and my upbringing. While we couldn't recreate the crowded food stalls and the performances that made up the Festival, we created our own unique Notre Dame version at the basement of Howard Hall. It was at that moment I realized that Notre Dame was my home away from home.

Advice for Incoming International Students

Transitioning to a new academic environment is always a new change, especially if you are moving from an entirely new country! If I could only give one advice to new International Students is to embrace the change that is happening around you. Loneliness, culture shock, and homesickness are all real struggles that can only be overcome if you embrace them. Know that the IA are always here to help in any way possible. We have all gone through the first year of transition and we are always adapting to the situation around us. Embrace the Notre Dame community because I promise that ND can be your home if you make it.