Majors: Economics and German
Clubs / Extracurricular Activities: SIBC, The Observer, Student magazine Scholastic, Unleashed Social Ventures, Dance Club Troop ND, and Model UN Club

Hi everyone! My name is Kayle Liao, I live in Pasquerilla East Hall and am a sophomore majoring in Economics and German. I'm originally from Chengdu, China. Before coming to Notre Dame, I went to a very diverse high school which has students from over 100 countries around the world. Fascinated by learning different cultures and languages, I also like to be kept updated on campus events and write about them for The Observer.

I've had the opportunity to take advantage of office hours which allowed me to foster close relationships with professors and I highly recommend you guys do the same. Outside of class, I dance in Troop ND, write for The Observer and enjoy doing SIBC projects. I'm happy to answer any questions you have! 

Favorite ND Moment

Dancing with Troop ND every week.

Advice for Incoming International Students

Don't get frustrated! Life is full of twists and turns and can be a roller coaster at times. But don't be defeated. Compare with yourself and grow at your own pace. Explore as many majors as you want and leave no regrets.