Majors: Chemistry and Philosophy
Clubs / Extracurricular Activities: Peaslee Research Lab, Asian American Association (AAA), Baumer Hall’s Two-man Room Choir, Student International Business Council

Welcome Home! My name’s Jerome Gan and I’m a rising Junior from Malaysia and Singapore majoring in Chemistry and Philosophy. On campus, I reside in Baumer Hall and enjoying spending time with my friends and rolling to Applebees. I had never stepped foot on campus before coming to South Bend first-year Fall, but I immediately felt at home. I will never forget the warmth and kindness I experienced and hope to help all of you feel the same way. Academically, I’m most interested in the overlap between science and policy and intend to study law after my time here at ND. When I’m not busy wondering why my yield in lab was rather questionable, I spend my time watching the Omakase and Mise En Place series from Eater or perfecting my tiramisu recipe. I’m always down to get food, so please feel free to reach out anytime and if you’re lucky, you’ll catch me messing with the boys, telling them about how “undeveloped” my hometown is (they’re catching on, sadly). I can’t wait to meet all of you this Fall!!

Favorite ND Moment

Hanging with the ladies and gents. Getting my daily burger fix from North Dining Hall. Impersonating professors.

Advice for Incoming International Students

I’d really suggest trying anything that might interest you. There are so many opportunities on campus, ranging from juggling club to running a nuclear accelerator. You never know what might interest you and there is no better way to find out than trying it for yourself. My first year of college went by so quickly but I’m glad to have experienced so many new things while stepping out of my comfort zone. I would also highly advise not shying away from an area of study/activity because you’re not initially/innately “good” at it. Just keep trying because that is the only way you’ll ever get really good at something. Lastly, always expect to wait much longer than you think it will take for just about anything, except your 2-day Amazon Prime delivery.