What’s Up! My name is Jan, I am a rising sophomore majoring in Business (still undecided). I am British/ Indian and was born and raised in Singapore. As a Singapore permanent resident, I was obliged to serve two years in National Service after high school. Upon completion of my Basic Military Training in the Singapore Armed Forces, I was posed to the Singapore Civil Defence Force to undergo Officer Cadet Training where I commissioned as a Fire and Rescue Officer. I was then posted to become a Platoon Commander for the remainder of my service. Leaving Singapore and the fire department to study in America has been a dramatic shift, and comes with challenges. It feels great to face new challenges and overcome them! Outside of class, I play rugby and workout at the Smith Centre gym. One of my favorite parts of Notre Dame is the football season. Before coming to Notre Dame, I did not know anything about American Football. I still find it amazing how much energy and team spirit students, friends, and alumni have during tailgating and the game. I sometimes find myself watching game highlights of NFL and college football games. The Notre Dame campus is beautiful. The changing of colors and seasons is breathtaking. At Notre Dame, there are resources easily accessible for everyone to succeed at whatever they want to do! Notre Dame is good vibes!