Hi guys, my name is He Duan, and I’m a rising junior majoring in Finance and Economics. I am originally from China, but have been raised in Harare, Zimbabwe for almost my entire life. And before you ask me, no, I did not see lions every morning on my way to school, and yes, I can speak a little bit of the native language Shona! Outside of the classroom, I am involved in a few SIBC projects, a student-run micro lending organization called JIFFI and I am also a piper for the Notre Dame Bagpipe Band. I am a diehard cars fan and love to play tennis, travel places, and listen to music by the Chainsmokers and Taylor Swift. I hope you will find the Notre Dame experience as immersive and character-building as I have. If there is any advice I could give to you, it is that you should strive to just be yourself and do what you like on campus, and don’t feel obliged to do everything that you believe the imaginary future recruiter in your head wants to see on your resume! Have fun, and Go Irish!