Majors: Economics and Mathematics
Minor: Accounting
Clubs / Extracurricular Activities: Jubilee Initiative for Financial Inclusion Student International Business Council Peer Mentor Program (ISSA) Center for Social Concerns Chinese Students & Scholars Association Notre Dame Accountancy Department (TA)

Hi! My name is Cynthia, I am a rising Junior majoring in Economics and Mathematics, with a minor in Accounting. I am from Beijing, China. Besides being an International Ambassador, I am also working with International Student and Scholars Affairs on its Peer Mentor Program. I think one of the best things on campus is the lake. I love doing lake walks and lake runs. Initially I usually go during the nights, but once I got scared by a goose so I switched to the daytime. I love exploring different restaurants off campus, especially when I am stressful. Definitely come to me for advice if you are also interested in nice Asian foods! My dream is to travel to as many countries as possible, and. for Spring semester I am going to study abroad in Seoul, Korea.

Favorite ND Moment

Asian Allure and my Theology 1 and 2 classes, taught by Bradley Malkovsky.

Advice for Incoming International Students

Language can be one of the difficulties for international students. Don't feel afraid to ask your friends or people in your dorm whenever you feel there's anything you don't understand, Definitely go the Club Fair held at the beginning of the semester. Sign up for whatever clubs you find excited about. This is a really good opportunity for you to get connected with other people and explore your own interest.