Majors: Finance
Minor: Data Science
Clubs / Extracurricular Activities: JIFFI, SIBC, Consulting Connect, Baraka Bouts, Co-Rec sports

Hi everyone! I’m Connie, a rising Senior studying Finance and Data Science, and I grew up between Irvine, CA and Taichung, Taiwan; I was previously in Cavanaugh but will be moving off campus soon. Outside of classes I am involved with JIFFI (Jubilee Initiative for Financial Inclusion), SIBC, Consulting Connect, Baraka Bouts, co-rec sports, and ofc, cooking with my instant pot in my apartment. Some of my hobbies include boxing, staying active, chocolate tasting, and anything related to culinary arts! Can’t wait to meet you all next year, it’s going to be a blast!

Favorite ND Moment

Grabbing our daily morning Starbucks with my two best friends

Advice for Incoming International Students

Don't be scared of change; change is what so often allows us all to become better people in the end of it all.