Angela Overlack

Hey everyone! My name is Angela Overlack and despite originally being born American and German, I have had the privilege of living in Germany (2 years), Belgium (6 years) and Switzerland (11 years). I am currently a rising junior, studying economics with a minor in collaborative innovation and hopefully digital marketing. Behind the economics studies, I am in fact very musical, and have a passion for songwriting. I am involved in a variety of clubs on campus, but my favorite is a platform called streetlight creations which allows me to explore my songwriting passion continuously! As I never lived in the US before coming to Notre Dame, I was nervous and slightly terrified of the new culture. Yet, after a couple of weeks, I found myself very welcomed into the community and found that my international background became a unique story to tell (and a great way to get people’s attention). So, keep in mind that you all have such great backgrounds that you should embrace and share with others as well. I am super excited to meet you, and please feel free to reach out over the break (email!) if you have any questions or just want to say hi!