Majors: Finance
Clubs / Extracurricular Activities: SIBC, The Observer, The Investment Club, and The Wall Street Club

Hello! My name is Alvin Kraja and I am a rising sophomore majoring in Finance. I was born in Clearwater, Florida but I grew up in Tirana, Albania and both of my parents are Albanian. Outside of class, I am engaged with business clubs such as SIBC and Investment Club and I am also a writer for the News Department of The Observer, the student newspaper of Notre Dame. These clubs are a great way to explore your interests and meet new people, which is is why I encourage you to join as many of them as you can. Usually, during the day, I go to the Duncan Student Center because I can have the delicious sandwiches of the Modern Market while I study. When I want to take a break from studying, I really enjoy spending time with my friends playing pool in my dorm or running around the St. Mary's Lake. My favorite part of Notre Dame is the community. Everyone is very welcoming and you are going to create many valuable friendships during the course of your Notre Dame journey.

Favorite ND Moment

My favorite activity at Notre Dame is the football games. It is a very fun experience where you can enjoy great food from the tailgates and also, meet a lot of new people. My favorite moment at Notre Dame was bleaching my hair blonde for the first home football game of the season as part of my dorm's tradition. It was very funny noticing how everybody knew that I was in Carroll before asking me about it. My favorite learning at Notre Dame is a Harry Potter class that I took during my spring semester of freshman year. I learned a lot of new things behind the storyline and production of the series, which I didn't know before. This made the class very interesting but also special at the same time.

Advice for Incoming International Students

My advice is to attend as many events as you can. During the course of the semester, there are a lot of interesting events that happen on campus and they serve as a great opportunity to meet new people and learn new things.