Alexis Langlois

Hello! My name is Alexis. I’m half British, half Chinese, but I grew up in Singapore. I’m a rising sophomore majoring in economics. Fascinated by the way people think and behave as well as its relation to marketing and advertising, I’m curious about how human behavior can be managed, predicted, and possibly manipulated for doing good. Outside of the classroom, I am a part of the Student International Business Council, Undergraduate Women in Business Club, Economics Club, and Marketing Club. The Notre Dame experience is so incredibly special and I have loved every second of being a part of the Fighting Irish family and the many opportunities that have come along with it. This summer, I will be taking an international economics class in China and Hong Kong about the economics demography in China. Though overwhelming at times, there is an immense number of opportunities to get involved and interact with people of all different backgrounds. These experiences have been so formative for me both as a student and as a person, allowing for continuous learning in all of my endeavors. I am truly looking forward to what is to come in the near future!