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For those faculty and staff who often invite and work with international scholars and students, below are some helpful resources and links. 

Advisor Recommendation Procedures

All Academic Advisor Recommendation forms are submitted to ISSA using ISSAlinkOnce a student has completed a request form, you will receive an email from issa@nd.edu with instructions on how to complete a recommendation. If you need assistance, please call 631-1138 or email issa@nd.edu.

ISSAlink Services that Require Advisor Confirmation
  • Program Extensions
  • Reduced Course Load Requests                                    
  • Optional Practical Training
  • Curricular Practical Training                         
  • Academic Training (J-1 only)

Inviting Visiting Researchers to Campus

Academic departments or faculty members may wish to invite students or scholars from abroad to conduct research or participate in an internship at the University outside of a Notre Dame degree program. Please see the categories below for more information:

Undergraduate Researchers and Interns

Departments and faculty members may invite undergraduate students to conduct research at the University of Notre Dame. In most cases, undergraduate researchers will be issued documentation to enter the United States in the J-1 Non-degree Student category. For more information, contact Lisa Shroyer at lshroyer@nd.edu.

Guest Researchers (Non-Student/Non-Faculty) and Post-Doctoral Scholars

An individual who has completed at least a bachelor’s degree in his or her home country and will not be classified as a student for University administrative purposes should most likely enter the country as a J-1 research visitor in partnership with the Office for Postdoctoral Scholars. More information about that process can be found on our Scholars/Department Instructions page.

Seminars, Conferences and Workshops

Individuals who will travel to the University of Notre Dame for short periods of time (less than 90 days) to attend lectures, conferences or workshops may enter the United States using a B-1 Visitor Visa.

For immigration purposes, this category requires no formal documentation from the University of Notre Dame, although participants often carry letters issued by the initiating department that may provide a clear description of the purpose of their visit for officers at U.S. consulates and ports of entry.

Certain visitors to the University who will conduct their own independent research without supervision or oversight from Notre Dame faculty or staff members may also be eligible to use this category. ISSA advises those with questions to submit the Immigration Request Form to General Counsel for confirmation of the appropriate visa type.