Volunteer Opportunity at the Center for the Homeless


Location: Register in 105 Main Building

Help support The Center for the Homeless by volunteering with ISSA on March 8th. We  start with a tour of the facility then attend a short information session to learn more about homelessness in the United States and South Bend. Following the information session, participants will either sort donations or help prepare and serve lunch for local homeless men, women, and children. Please sign up to participate in this field trip by visiting ISSA in 105 Main Building by Tuesday, March 1st. Transportation and lunch will be provided. This field trip is open to all students, scholars and spouses. Space is limited. There is no cost to participate. 

If you would like to make a donation to the Center for the Homeless please contact ISSA@nd.edu for more information.

Originally published at international.conductor.nd.edu.